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Taizhou HuangYan Mega Machinery Mould Co.,Ltd.
Mega machinery Mold is China professional pet preform mold manufacturer, supplier and maker. Along with the increasing demand for PET container, the requirement of PET preform has accordingly become more and more, which leads many investors to set foot on the PET preform production field. To meet the different requirements for the PET preform, PET preform molds from different customers, Mega has successfully developed advanced hot runner preform mold from 1 cavity to 48 cavities for standard neck PET. Its wide utilization and reliable property with the economic investment, the shortest production startup time and the lowest maintenance cost make PET preform mold be most popular among preform manufacturers. Now we do have 2 series prefrom tool designs, one of series adopts rectifying system for preform's wall thickness, and another series is standard structure.

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pet preform mold
Preform molds for PCO 1810,30/25

12 cavity preform mold

16 cavity preform mold for 49g

24 cavity preform mold
Preform molds for Wide mouth

6 cavity preform mold for wide mouth

8 cavity preform mold for wide mouth

6 cavity preform mold for wide mouth
PET Preform mold for thick wall preforms (BFA Free)

4 cavity preform mold for thick wall PET preforms

6 cavity preform mold for thick wall PET preforms

4 cavity preform mold for 330g

* Preform design
With decades’ design and manufacture experience, Mega Machinery designs not only preform with standard neck size for water bottle, carbonated drink bottle and oil bottle, also design preform of special shape responding to customer’s request. Mega adopts a wide range of computer-aided engineering service from design conception to the finished products to make customer satisfied.

* Valve-gate system
MG series preform injection mold adopts an advanced valve-gate unit, which is used to control the mold’s injection hole open & close on each cavity. Reliable sealing function, smoothing moving, low thermal expansion rate, and long using life are its main features.

* Hot runner system
MG series preform injection mold adopts specially designed hot runner system to achieve ideal and prompt heating effect for preform production. Lager flowing channels of such hot runner system ensures the mold to produce preform with lower injection pressure, which reduces mold’s each part’s wear & tear and maintenance cost, and also saves electric energy.

* Heating system
MG series preform mold with double heating system ensures perfect heating effect. It has separate temperature control mode: the heater bars are used to heat the mold’s manifold plate; the small heaters are used to supply the continuous heating temperature for cavity nozzle.

* Cooling system
A specially designed cooling system with perfect cooling effect for each inner parts including core, cavity and valve gate system of MG preform injection mold.

* Patent designed rectifying system for preform’s wall thickness
Patent designed rectifying device is equipped to rectify the preform thickness during preform production. The prefrom thickness can be adjusted below 0.05mm.

* Steel material and machining tools
Mold cavity and Core are made of imported mold steel with fine polishing, high hardness and anti-corrosion to guarantee mold's high precession and good quality.
Digital Control Lathe, EDM, jig-boring machine and high-precision grinding machine have been used on mold machining. High machining precision and fast machining speed ensure Mega’s high quality molds, PET preform mold.

* Heat treatment
After mechanical treatment, enhance steel’s strength and prolong mold service life. For example, we coat chrome on the mold plate surface for rustproof purpose and go on nitrogen treatment on neck part to increase its hardness. Special coatings also are available at Mega Machinery. With right operation, PET preform mold reaches 2.5 million shots.

* After-purchase service
Each set of mold undergoes strict mold trials before shipping from factory and attaches full set of parameter that is recorded depending on their own and sole serial number. Together with the mold, full set of spare parts will be supplied for free to keep mold normal working. In the use of the mold, Mega provides adequate spare part to any request and Mega service department are very willing to provide technical support immediately for any possible request in any time.

1. Mold ranges from 1 cavity up to 48 cavities
2. Advanced structure is designed consulting European preform mold.
3. Mold cavity and Core are made of steel with fine polishing, high hardness and anti-corrosion to get mold's high precision and good quality.
4. Pneumatic drive the nozzle pin for simultaneous high-speed open and close actions.
5. Patent designed rectifying system is adopted to lessen the possible preform thickness problem happening during production.
6. Special designed water hoses eliminate leakage and water marks on preform.
7. Moldflow analysis reduce AA level.
8. Long using life over 2.5 million times of injection cycle.

Mold designs
Follows are some PET preform information:

25mm ROPP

28mm BPF-C

28mm ROPP

38mm 2Start HF Bericap

38mm 3Start CF Bericap

26.7mm 3Start Alaska
Details: See details
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