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Taizhou HuangYan Mega Machinery Mould Co.,Ltd.
Mega machinery Mold is China professional automatic blow molding machine manufacturer, supplier and maker. Mega Machinerys ' newest generation linear automatic blow molding machines are the MG-SS series. This series of machine was designed with two principles in mind. One, to lower the running cost for the bottle producer and two, provide easy operation. The MG-SS Series blow molding machines lowers your production costs so you can achieve maximum profits in your competitive bottling market, the MG-SS series reduces your energy expenses by up to 30% at a maximum output of 1600BPH. Thanks to our GM Mr. Cai Yunsen who developed the patented process for spacing the performs which maximizes the performance of the machine.

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automatic blow molding machine
* PLC controller
MG-SS series PET blow molding machines adopts the famous Delta controller system. It integrates a self-diagnosis program, all warning information is shown through the friendly touch interface featuring an alarm system. Also, the controller shows the actual blowing speed during production.
* Cast mold platen with toggle clamping unit
Cast molded platens offer the longest service life, and enhance the stability of the machine. Engineering software analyzed and optimized the clamping system to guaranty the fastest possible moving speed and strongest clamping force. Also an additional high pressure compensation system is standard equipment and ensures the perfect clamping result.
* Infrared heating system
A Zoned and layered heating system with an advanced venting unit keeps the temperature accurate and uniform, this is the key to manufacturing high quality plastic bottles. The lamps can also be adjusted horizontally and vertically inside the specially designed heating oven. This ensures the distribution of heat meets the different shapes of the preforms .

* Stretching system
A double cylinder stretching unit is standard equipment and ensures the fastest possible stretching speed, and the longest possible stretching stroke. Linear motion guides provide ultra smooth movement and the lowest possible friction coefficient.
* Patented Separating system
The patented perform spacing system sets the preform adapters 120mm apart at the blowing station by mechanical function and also improves the moving speed.
* Preform feeding & bottle discharging system
Famous brand pneumatic parts guarantee the machines reliable performance and long service life while Linear motion guides improve the moving speed. Special grip units are designed to be changed easily.
1. Full automatic running with theoretical output capacity up to 4500 bottles per hour for 0.1L volume using four-cavity blow mold
2. Patented loading system carries the preform automatically with less moving parts.
3. Suitable to produce 0.1 ~ 2.5L Standard neck PET container
4. Advanced PLC control system with a use-friendly control panel
5. Built-in memory of the PLC saves all the sets of numbers required to produce different size bottles.
6. Multiple Reliable sensor systems monitors the machine's automatic function
7. Equipped with special designed air storage unit
8. Powerful heating unit with precision controller and convenient adjusting mechanism.
9. Cooling system that provides a perfect cooling result
10. Compact design that saves space
11. Simple installation & startup operation
12. minimal transfer space for the air distribution system.
bottle molder, PET blowing machine
Technical parameter
General Information MG-SS1500 MG-SS2500/2600 MG-SS3500 MG-SS4500 MG-SS7000
Clamping Force 14T 25T 31T 34T 63T
Clamping Stroke 150MM 150MM 150MM 150MM 150MM
Max. Stretching Stroke 370MM 370MM 370MM 370MM 380MM
Bottom Moving Stroke 70MM 70MM 70MM 70MM 70MM
Number of Cavities 1 Cavity 2 Cavity 3 Cavity 4 Cavity 6 Cavity
Theoretical Output 1600 BPH 2500 BPH 3500 BPH 4500 BPH 5500BPH
Max. Mould Thickness 300MM 300MM 300MM 300MM 300MM
Space Between
Tie Bars
300X380MM 400X380MM 500X380MM 640X380MM 800X400MM
Electrical System
Voltage Standard 380v/3PH/50Hz or special order
Number of Heating Zone 2 Sections 2 Sections 3 Sections 4 Sections 6 Sections
Total Power (MAX Loaded) 20KW 28KW 28KW 60KW 216KW
Max. Container Volume 2.5L 2.5L 2.5L 2.5L 2.5L
Neck Diameter Range 32MM 32MM 32MM 32MM 15-40MM
Max. Container Diameter 35-110MM 35-110MM 35-110MM 35-110MM 35-110MM
Max. Container Height 400MM 400MM 400MM 400MM 400MM
Auxiliary System
Low Air compressor 8-10 Bar 8-10 Bar 8-10 Bar 8-10 Bar 8-10 Bar
High Air compressor 30 Bar 30 Bar 30 Bar 30 Bar 30 Bar
Air Dryer 2.0/30 3.0/30 3.0/30 3.0/30 6.0/30
Dimension & Weight
Blow molding machine 180x160x200CM 200x180x220CM 215x230x220CM 215x250x230CM 227x400x190CM
140x105x200CM 150x120x250CM 150x120x250CM 150x120x250CM 220x150x250CM
Net Weight 2.6ton 3.8ton 4.5ton 6 ton 7 ton

Finished PET bottle samples produced by MG-ss2500 as follow:

Carbonated Drink Bottles

Edible Oil Bottle

Edible Oil Bottle

Wine Bottle

Pesticide Bottle

Medicine Bottle
Details: See details
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