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Taizhou HuangYan Mega Machinery Mould Co.,Ltd.
Mega machinery Mold is China professional auxiliary equipment manufacturer, supplier and maker. Auxiliary Equipments are very important during the plastic bottle molding. Cooling tower, autoloader, hopper drier, water chiller are significant usefully for the plastic preform at injection molding process. High and low air compressors, air filter, air drier, Etc are the main factors for shaping the high quality of plastic bottles

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auxiliary equipment

Air Compressor
Low-pressure air compressor supplies the compressed air for machine motion including mold open and close, seal and stretch. Besides compact in size, it has many other advantages such as energy saving, low oil consumption, lower noise level, steady operation and reliable performance, long service life and simple maintenance.
High-pressure air compressor is used for shaping bottle. When the blow molding machine installs a decompressed valve, the air compressor can be used as air source for both blowing and machine driving.
1. Unloading starting solenoid valve
2. Auto condensation drain valve on separator legs
3. All equipments installed on the rugged steel base plate, convenient to use.
4. Low oil level shutdown switch (Alternative)
5. Interstage abnormal pressure warning (Alternative)
Air Dryer
The moisture in atmosphere usually turns on gaseous and hard to detect. After compressed in air compressor and cooled through pipe, it will be congealed water droplet together with oil and particle content out of air compressor. As a kind of water absorbing and oil sticking resin, PET molecule on the preform surface will absorb water and stick oil as soon as it meets the moist compressed air as air source. As a result, the PET bottle will has many flaws such as moist looking, slight drain marks, large shrinking rate and so on. At the same time, the moisture, oil and particle contents affect the pneumatic system and reduce its use life.
From that point of view, it is very necessary to install a set of high efficient and high quality air dryer and air filter for high grade PET bottle production. The main function of the compressed air dryer is to remove the moisture from the compressed air and lower temperature of the compressed air in the heat exchanger, then the most part of the water vapor will be congeal water droplet and separated from air stream by a separator, finally the condensed liquid is discharged out of the unit. If every thing runs smoothly, the vapor in the compressed air is no more than 0.59g/m³and 93% moisture is removed.
1.Professional designed, safe and reliable system-protection device
2.Save energy source and minimize maintenance costs.
3.Special designed high efficiency heat exchanger and evaporator
4.Suitable for all kinds of air compressor's air supply and pressure in
Air Filter
Apart from the water, there are also some corrosive impurities like carbon-hydrogen, tiny dust and solid particles, ect. Passing through the filter on the compressor, those mixed air will input into air compressor to be compressed, which will reduce the quality of the compressor’ lubricating oil and evaporate part of the oil to go into the air pipe. During the air compressing, with high temperature and oxidation, the mixed compressed air will be acidic with high corrosive capacity. If this mixture is input into the air pipe, it will rust the pipe and pneumatic component seriously to stop the production and reduce the finish bottle quality, raise the maintenance cost. In consideration of those points, you need a high quality air filter to clear up those impurities out of the compressed air.
1.All of filters are tested by special device.
2. Equipped with auto drain kits.
3. High efficient water-removing function, can remove 99 % liquid water in compressed air.
4. High volume oil-and-dust-removing function, providing a maximum removal of particles down to 0.01 micron and remaining oil content of 0.001 ppm w/w.
5. Filter core's usage life is long lasting and easy to exchange.
6. Filter shell with corrode-resist in unction treatment.
Hopper Dryer
Hopper dryer is used to eliminate moisture in the plastic material. If the plastic material is put into the injection machine’s barrel without drying, moisture contained in the resin will turn into bubble after resin melts. The bubble after injection will be present on finished preform, which increase the reject rate obviously and shorten the service life of the machine and mold. In that case, the pre-drying is extremely necessary for plastic injection production. Before injection, the resin must be heated in the hopper dryer for 6 or 8 hours with temperature up to 175℃. After dry completely, the finished preform will be free from shrinking and better in their brightness. In addition, drying in the hopper dryer inside machine eliminates possibility of contamination and re-absorbing moisture when transporting from central dryer to machine hopper.
1.Even heat distribution: High efficiency to save lots of drying time required.
2.Accurate Thermo-Control: very high accuracy assured by excellent controller
3.Reliable Design: Compact in size and easily used.
4.Promote the speed for injection cycle.
Autoloader is used for loading plastic resin into hopper dryer to remove its moisture before being injected into finished products. Compared with manual loader, it has many advantages, for example, it prevents the dried material from humidifying again by the outside moisture and avoids material waste, saves labor, keeps the hopper dryer under full loading condition to ensure long time normal production. For convenient use, autoloader is designed as split type. Its material hopper is placed on the top of the hopper dryer and contact with the hopper dryer’s input mouth while its control boa is placed on the ground to supply sucking force and control its loading action. For production, MG series vacuum autoloader is ideal equipment. It can be installed on various plastic production machines to load the plastic material from the storage box to material hopper. In addition it avoids material pollution during the loading process.
1. Safe and convenient operation and maintenance
2. Stainless steel material hopper
3. Alarm for the shortage of material
4. Motor protective device
5. Microprocessor controller
6. Convenient for cleaning dust
Water chiller
Water chiller is designed for cooling the mold to improve the finish of plastic products and reduce the internal stress so that it is easy to take off plastic products from the mold and the output has been raised. Water chillers utilizes imported efficient hermetic compressor, heat exchanger and multifunction controller, it is easy to operate and maintenance.
1.The high and low pressure gauges show the refrigerant pressure of the system.
2.High/Low pressure safety relay protects the compressor.
3.Freeze protection valve is installed for compressor safely.
4.The proper three-phase pump size matches your process flow and pressure requirement.
5 The drying filter cleans and dries the refrigerant to protect the system from moisture and other contaminants.
6.The tube-in-shell evaporator is used to achieve higher efficiency
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